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Jared Singer’s improvised poem on “Time is a Desperate Party Clown”

A couple weeks ago I made a video on the roof of my apartment building here in Brooklyn in which my friend Jared Singer did what he does better than anyone else I know: improvise a poem on the spot. I had a bunch of Metaphor Dice in one hand and a baby strapped to my chest, but we managed to pick one red, one white, and one blue die for Jared to work with, then he chose which words he wanted to use to craft the metaphor that would prompt his poem.

What he did next was nothing short of astonishing. It’s a poem I would be proud to claim as my own if I’d worked on it for weeks, and he just came out with it, inventing it as though it were memorized. Today, I typed it up, and I offer it below as an example of what can be done (at least by one person) with a set of Metaphor Dice (which are now available on Amazon!).

Time Desperate Party Clown