A poetry assignment based on a poem by Danusha Laméris

The poems is called “Bonfire Opera,” and you can read it here.

Now here is the assignment: Write a poem of your own using “Bonfire Opera” as your template in which you tell the story of a curious member of your circle during a certain period in your life. Describe a specific instance of his or her curiosity, especially if it served to help you greater appreciate some aspect of them. Here are the markers you should feel free to use as your poem progresses:

BEGINNING: In those days . . . Back then . . . There used to be . . .
REAL START: And sure enough . . . Like this one time . . . And I remember . . .
THE REVELATION: And then . . . All the while . . . And though I was young . . .
THE IMAGE: [End with a representative image]

One of the types of poems that I like to write follows a similar pattern that I used to call RE-VEILING. First you REVEAL a secret that is silly or shameful or embarrassing. The you REVILE it briefly, hating yourself just a little bit. Then you do an about face and REVEL in the secret, thank it for making you who you are today. Finally, you RE-VEIL the secret, cover it once again, but in a different fabric or purpose.

No off you go to write your poem.

Metaphorically yours,